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So Afrocentric

February 25, 2012


“You are so afrocentric, so ethnic.” Please stop telling people this. Just stop. I seem to get this all the time. I guess people think its okay to let me know that I’m afrocentric because of my natural hair. It’s not. It’s not okay to use afrocentric for people who are being just who they […]

In the News: A Woman’s Right to Choose

February 9, 2012


The legality of contraception is once again on trial but has it ever been resolved? Last week’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood fiasco roused passionate debate around the country regarding a woman’s right to choose. This week, changes to the White House’s Affordable Care Act has once again pushed the debate […]

I am against the death penalty.

February 9, 2012


I haven’t always been against captial punishment. The revelation to oppose isn’t a new concept to me either. Growing up I thought it was okay. That is how we measured justice was it not? You kill someone. We kill you. This is where logic lost me. Why do we kill people to teach people not […]

[Insert Sound Bite Here]

February 2, 2012


Politics is truly a game of sound bites and quotes. How fast can you get this bite to spread through social media? What can I say that means nothing but will get people on board? Isn’t that what politics is today a game of lies, half-truths and promises. After debates and official addresses, Facebook and […]