Re-Socialize Yourself. Society’s Hyper-sexualized Black Woman.

Posted on February 16, 2012


Our society has depicted the black woman as a highly sexual being ripe for the picking. She’s not the marrying type, but she is the fucking type. She’s not the one you take home to your parents, but she’s the one you experiment with in college. She’s not your definition of beautiful, but her skin color and body shape make her your “exotic” woman, your forbidden fruit.

Black women have long been the object of over sexualized views in society. We see black women with big asses and big breasts on television, in magazines and all over the internet. From Saarjite Baartman (better known as the Hottentot Venus) to Nicki Minaj, our society can’t get enough of women who fit this mold. This image feeds the exoticism and eroticism associated with the black woman in the media.

Most black women don’t look like this, with huge asses and breasts to boot. Most black women aren’t the hypersexual creatures that you’ve been socialized to believe will give you that exotic experience comparable to none. Most black women aren’t shaking their asses on a pole for a dollar like rap videos may have lead you to believe.

Let’s discard this stereotyped image. Can we just stop the bullshit please?

Let me introduce to another black woman: the woman who’s strong enough to put up with the shit society spews about her, whether it be her undesirable had in marriage, her stereotyped body her hair that some may liken to steel wool or her ‘nasty’ attitude.

Re-socialize yourself. Get rid of your prejudices, your stereotypes, your assumption and your suppositions. Open your eyes to the world around you and not the one created through media and maybe you’ll meet a black woman who defies the little box you’ve placed us all in.


Nicki Minaj, black woman, stereotyped body

pop star, Nicki Minaj

Buffy the Body, a video vixen

Deelishis from Flavor of Love

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