“I don’t find black women attractive”

Posted on February 16, 2012


“I think black women are just agressive; that’s just not sexy”

“I don’t like black women because I don’t like their hair…their body…their culture…their this and their that.”

Can I make a proclamation here? Can I?

These are lies. Garbage. Trash. Made up narratives to make black women a peripheral statement in the dialogue of society. And it just needs to stop. I don’t believe people can reject a whole race of people based on skin color. There’s so much more important aspects in a relationship that skin color becomes negligible. Dating or not dating someone based on their race just shows your on ignorant notions of the society around us.

Why do men, black or white, feel the need to express the fact that they don’t date black women? Honestly, though. Who asked you? Who asked you to berate a group of women because your limited cerebral processes can’t process the idea of a beautiful black woman?

Why do some black celebrities feel the need to express their dislike of their feminine counterparts? Yes, I’m speaking of those Ochocincos and Haynesworths out there. Does it validate your masculinity and your success to cast a side black women? Have you “arrived” because a non-black woman clings to your arm as the cameras flash? Is that it? That must be it. That’s the only reason I can come up with to why they feel the need to reiterate it time and time again. Robin Thicke’s wife is half black, but have we heard him explaining his relationship with a “I don’t date white women”? No, because its ludicrous.

The idea that men must declare their dislike for the black woman just perpetuates this ongoing agression towards her. Why are we socializing young black boys to believe that the white woman is the “prize”? Why are they being bred to believe that when they “arrive” its time to jump ship and proclaim your love for women of a lighter persuasion? This is a racist ideal bred out of the need to whiten society, bred out of a need to whiten your blood line. In this proclaimed “post-racial” society this notion should be obsolete. Young boys and girls should be growing up surrounded by ideals that promote self-love and love of their own race. Whether or not someone decides to date outside of their race, should not be determined by this notion of fleeing from society’s ascriptions to blackness.

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