In the News: A Woman’s Right to Choose

Posted on February 9, 2012


The legality of contraception is once again on trial but has it ever been resolved? Last week’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood fiasco roused passionate debate around the country regarding a woman’s right to choose. This week, changes to the White House’s Affordable Care Act has once again pushed the debate on birth control to the forefront of the news. The changes will force religious organizations that provide health care to their employees to also provide coverage for contraception. Some are up in arms, regarding the new changes as encroaching on the right to freedom of religion. Texas has passed a new law nicknamed the Sonogram Law. The law dictates that a woman seeking and abortion must have a sonogram at least 24 hours ahead of the procedure. The sonogram is to be administered by the same doctor who will perform the abortion. The notion behind the law is that it will allow women to truly understand that they are terminating a life. In Georgia, the “Personhood” amendment to classify abortion as prenatal murder and prohibit certain contraceptives. The legislation also moves to prohibit abortion in the case of rape, incest and danger to the woman’s health.

Reason not religion should govern the world.

-Voltaire, Essai sur les Moeurs 

The government should not have the power to tell a woman how to govern her body. The decision to bring a child into this world is a private one. The decision to abort a fetus is just as private. If a woman is not prepared, whether it be mentally or physically, she should not be forced to give birth. By no means do I condone using abortion as birth control. In my opinion, this viewpoint seems logic, does it not?

Whether or not you call yourself a conservative or a progressive, a democrat or a republican, a christian or not, your religious beliefs should not interfere with the personal decisions of others. Too many times we allow religion to become the means of restriction or approbation. At times, it seems to me we have forgotten separation of church and state.

There are those who say the start of life begins at conception. But what do we say then of women who may have tripped and induced a miscarriage. Is she then a murderer? This is by all means a haphazard example but so is the thought that the fetus being aborted would come to term.

Our choice in this matter should not be taken for granted. Not every woman who finds herself pregnant is ready to raise a child. Not every woman who has an abortion is ‘not thinking of the child.’ Shouldn’t the answer be simple? Her body, her choice. To be honest, why can’t we mind our own business? Why are we medling in the intimate details of the lives of others? Why are we once again persecuting women for a person choice.

Just my humble opinion.