Re-Socialize Yourself. Afro-Dominicans

Posted on February 8, 2012


Black is bad. Black is dirty. Black is loud. Black is untamed. Black is not welcomed in this society.

These are the images we broadcast on our societal switchboard. We absorb these stereotypes and emit them without knowing at times. If this is the image we spew out of every social and media outlet then why are we surprise when people reject black. This rejection comes in many forms: dating other races to whiten the blood line, presenting yourself as a lustrous mixture of races, nationalities and cultures unknown to you, avoiding association with the “black community” in order to assimilate to mainstream culture, chemically whitening your skin, other chemical applications, systematic whitening of a population…the list goes on.

Here is my platform: let’s re-socialize ourselves and those around us. We can no longer accept this.

Insight for this post? The Afro-Dominican.

A Brief Very Informal History:

The Dominican Republic, located in the Caribbean, has had its fair share of issues with politics and government. In the 1930s, reigning dictator Trujillo embarked on a remarkable feat–whitening the population. This constituted massacres and widespread expulsion. Attempts were even made to politically whiten the nation by requesting a status of a white nation by the U.S. government. The US rejected them on the premise that their were too many blacks in the country but made sure to say that the black of the Dominican Republic was a whiter black than that of Haiti, its neighbor. Today, it’s still commonplace for Dominicans to reject the label of “negro” and to teach their sons and daughters that marrying lighter/whiter is the way to move up in society.  The documentary series Black in Latin America details the nation’s relationship with the black race.




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