Fat and Fabulous Debate

Posted on February 7, 2012


Do you think its possible to be 400+ pounds and live a healthy, lustrous life? I don’t.

Today, I watched the Dr. Oz Show which focused on women who love their more-than-lovable excess packed bodies. More specifically, there were four women who were entrenched in the feederism community. Feederism? what? My thoughts exactly. I didn’t know such a thing existed. But apparently these women are paid and encouraged to eat (by presumably male fans who find it erotic.) These women are trying there best to become the fattest woman in the world, a desire that must seem foreign to the majority of women. The show even skyped with the reigning heaviest woman who warned against the disabilities that came along with the lifestyle associated with this title.

To be honest, I was appalled. I am all for women loving there bodies whether there’s excess or not. (here). However, this is not merely excess. Weighing upwards of 500 lbs puts your livelihood in danger. I’m talking about more than just health here. I just don’t believe that someone can be truly happy pushing the physical limitations of their body toward fatal medical maladies.

Am I exaggerating? I really don’t know. As an overweight young adult, I know the ups and downs of dieting and weightloss in intimate detail. Being overweight is not easy in our society. We don’t take well to the excess women carry on their bodies. In fact, we caution young girls against overeating and teach our own kids to shun those who are pudgier than most. We broadcast photoshopped images of the sexy, ideal women and standby as our daughters’ self-esteem debilitate to ruin. Our society expects a lot from women and their bodies. Our society is flawed

Truly. Its a flawed outlook on body and health. Yet, I believe that to go against this skinny-girl-socialization present in our society it takes self-love not an antonymous personal campaign. We should preach self-love and acceptance in conjunction with championing healthy living. So it upsets me to here women propagating the stereotype of fat women who spend their days as a sloth funneling food down their mouths. One of the women even said she tries to eat as much as 20,000 calories a day! WHY?!

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This article comments on the show Oz show that aired today.


a snapshot of the fat-stats here in the U.S.


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