Re-Socialize Yourself. Afro-Turks

Posted on February 6, 2012


We should not take what people present to us at face value. We should discover for ourselves the true identities
within a nation. Whether it be Brazil beyond the European looking TV personalities or even Jamaica beyond the predominantly black images given by the media.

I was surprised to discover the existence of Afro-Turks. I am ashamed to say that…”existence”. When is it okay to doubt that a certain race of people have not touched a corner of the world. Why don’t we think of multiculturalism in foreign countries? Why do these countries present mono-racial identities. For the next couple of days, I will present a little information on my own obsession with discovering the children of the African Diaspora beyond the geographical limitations of the continental U.S.

For now I’ve attached a blog post about a photo essay done with Turkish people who are also descendants of Africans. I hope it allows you to see black beyond the African-American and the African immigrant.


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