[Insert Sound Bite Here]

Posted on February 2, 2012


Politics is truly a game of sound bites and quotes.

How fast can you get this bite to spread through social media?

What can I say that means nothing but will get people on board?

Isn’t that what politics is today a game of lies, half-truths and promises.

After debates and official addresses, Facebook and twitter flare up with special likes, share and trading topics on a certain soundbite. Lower taxes for the less fortunate? That’s 2,000 shares on a clever prObama 9 gag pic. Gingrich yelling about food stamps and the Democrats results in tea party members going wild with support. The fabulously donned mane of Donald Trump lets out verbal diarrhea for the world to hear and in between supports Mitt Romney. There goes you top news story for primetime.

My question is this. How do we keep informed on the ISSUES? Not those clever little soundbite topics with no umph behind them but those subjects that truly help us better our lives and our communities.

Here are a few websites dedicated to these issues. I’ll keep updating as I look for some more.






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