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A Global Education

February 28, 2012


“I spent the summer rebuilding [insert community building here] in [insert name of poor country here],” said a privileged student with deep pockets. “It was so eye-opening to see poverty and do my part to yada yada yaa” I’m definitely not the only one that’s heard this statement. But here’s my piece: if you want to see […]

Re-Socialize Yourself. Africa is a continent.

February 27, 2012


I thought it was obvious. I really did. Africa is a continent akin to North America and Europe. It seems that in our culture we take this fact for granted. And I mean a lot. The cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently visited South Africa. Yet each time I tune in, one of […]

So Afrocentric

February 25, 2012


“You are so afrocentric, so ethnic.” Please stop telling people this. Just stop. I seem to get this all the time. I guess people think its okay to let me know that I’m afrocentric because of my natural hair. It’s not. It’s not okay to use afrocentric for people who are being just who they […]

The Media’s at it Again

February 24, 2012


Why do our media outlets continue to disrespect females and racial minorities? Check this out I can’t wait to see this documentary. It’s what we need in our society. We need to question the way the media portrays us. I am so tired of hearing “sex sells” and “It’s what the people want.” Please tell […]

Nicki Minaj: a feminist?

February 24, 2012


I don’t quite agree but here it is.

Two Girls Express Racist Views By Way of the Web

February 24, 2012


Two girls express racist views through shocking video. Anonymity on the internet is limited. Very limited. Here again are another set of girls proclaiming their superiority.  

Re-Socialize Yourself. Society’s Hyper-sexualized Black Woman.

February 16, 2012


Our society has depicted the black woman as a highly sexual being ripe for the picking. She’s not the marrying type, but she is the fucking type. She’s not the one you take home to your parents, but she’s the one you experiment with in college. She’s not your definition of beautiful, but her skin […]