Posted on January 31, 2012


I’ve recently gotten into reading a lot of self-love posts around the blogosphere. I don’t hate myself but I’ll admit I do harp on myself for my flaws. That’s only human right?

I don’t think it should be. We as people should be able to accept ourselves despite of our hyper visible or imperceivable flaws. We should be in love with our bodies and our minds. This is not to say that self-improvement is hate but the motivation behind the need for improvement speaks to whether its love or hate.

This brings me to my question. Not for you. not for me. Its just a question to ponder. Why do we as society force unattainable standards upon ourselves? Why do you judge the man next to you for being too fat? Why does he judge you for being too short? The lady sitting at the next table is judging you because of your lack of make up, why? None of us meet these unattainable standards. Absolutely none. We are not the millionaire celeb with hours of time devoted to meditation and working out. We are the ordinary people that keep this country running. So, why then do we force upon ourselves superfluous guidelines to the perfect body, the perfect personality, the perfect wardrobe and the perfect partner?

Emancipation is in order.

It’s time to re-socialize ourselves.

Ask yourself this. That girl/guy with the ideal body, is (s)he perfect? Do her blue eyes make her amazing? Does his washboard abs make him irresistible? Does my kinky hair deem unattractive? Does my dark ebony skin keep from seeing my inner beauty? Should I be ashamed of my foreign accent.

The answer is no.

Your beauty is determined by you and you only. You truly behold you’re own beauty. It should not depend on a guy or girl’s definition of perfection. People’s opinions and preferences change but your self love should not waver.


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