November 10, 2012


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astigmatism: the inability to see clearly stigma: a mark of disgrace or infamy -ism: a suffix added to terms to reflect a symptom or ideology “Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” I see you. You are beautiful and you…

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Re-Socialize Yourself. Talking About Race.

October 3, 2012



Jay Smooth discusses a not new but less used way to approach discussing race in our society. Check it out!

On Politics. A Re-evaluation.

October 3, 2012



I have been absent but I’m back and ready to start thinking through things. Here are my thoughts after the debates in which we didn’t learn anything new. As a new citizen of the United States, I’m excited to vote. I’m excited to have my say. I’m excited to be an active participant in this […]

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Women. Society. Success.

March 9, 2012


coca cola woman

The picture of a successful man or woman varies between individuals, cultures, ethnicities, races and income level. I’d say that as a collective group, we have a very colorful idea of what success means and rightfully so. We all have our different paths and we must all play our role in society. Yet, I believe our media-forged […]

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A Global Education

February 28, 2012



“I spent the summer rebuilding [insert community building here] in [insert name of poor country here],” said a privileged student with deep pockets. “It was so eye-opening to see poverty and do my part to yada yada yaa” I’m definitely not the only one that’s heard this statement. But here’s my piece: if you want to see […]

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Re-Socialize Yourself. Africa is a continent.

February 27, 2012



I thought it was obvious. I really did. Africa is a continent akin to North America and Europe. It seems that in our culture we take this fact for granted. And I mean a lot. The cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently visited South Africa. Yet each time I tune in, one of […]

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So Afrocentric

February 25, 2012



“You are so afrocentric, so ethnic.” Please stop telling people this. Just stop. I seem to get this all the time. I guess people think its okay to let me know that I’m afrocentric because of my natural hair. It’s not. It’s not okay to use afrocentric for people who are being just who they […]

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